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About Us


Divine Creation is a non-profit, 501 © (3) organization serving families with crises related to moral, emotional, physical, and economic challenges and circumstances  We engage in services,  in general,  to populations of

1) at-risk and/or neglected children through spiritual training and clinical counseling;

2) students who are under-achievers by learning disabilities or under-provided educational opportunities through tutoring and mentoring ;

3) and parents and youth who are post-incarcerated through self-esteem building and job and career preparation. 


Divine Creation welcome families of all races, ethnicities, and faiths, although we are primarily, a Christian- based organization.  More specifically, our goals are framed to provide compassionate, nurturing care and assistance to help develop families in purposeful, wholesome living to become contributing individuals who therefore re-direct and strengthen our families, our communities, our nation, and our world.


Meet our Board Members


Rev. Dr. Leatrice  Wineglass 

Ms. Joan S. Brown 
Financial Secretary/ Treasurer 


Min. Marcie Goss 
Chair of Fundraising Committee


Min. Lillie Goss 
Clerk/ Chair of Program Committee

Deacon Paul N Logan - Vice President/ Chair Program Committee

Ms. Aliska Brown - Recording Secretary

Ret. 1st Sgt. Al Smith - AOR/Procurer

Rev. Dr. Henrietta Adams - Advisor

Ms. Tracey Gibson - Co-Chair of Public Relations

Mrs. Mornique Dozier - Co-Chair of Public Relations

Min. Ruben Wineglass - Program Committee

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